Industry Solutions

      Our UAV products, with their ease of operation and low cost of acquisition and operation, provide solutions to numerous problems, in numerous ways, for numerous industries.
     Our flight controller, which is based on open source software from the autopilot project, allows for examination and modification of flight controller code and gives a programmable interface for UAV integration. Since our UAVs are built using all Rotomotion products, the UAVs are effortlessly customized for any application.
  Rotomotion Research UAV Clients (partial list):
  • Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL, multiple locations)
  • University of South Florida
  • Virginia Tech
  • University of Alabama Huntsville
  • Drexel University
     Our pilotless UAVs are an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to costly fixed wing aircraft and full-sized helicopters for all aerial photography applications. Our UAVs, using longitude and latitude based coordinates, can repeatedly revisit the same shot locations to show construction programs from a consistent point of view. Our mobile Internet uplink can provide remote inspection of projects to multiple users over the Internet with complete control of the UAV and the camera (you can inspect a project in Florida while sitting in an office in Chicago!).
  Rotomotion Aerial Photography UAV/Motion Platform Clients (partial list):
  • Univeristy Of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • Hovercam, Ltd.
  • United States Air Force Air War College
  • Adams Technology
     Our UAVs can operate day or night and are immune to most hazardous environments, including smoke, toxins and gunfire. With a small detection signature, our UAV is ideal for surveillance operations. Using our mobile Internet uplink, control of the UAV can be assigned to "control" facilities and personnel, leaving field personnel free to act on surveillance results.
  Rotomotion Military UAV Clients (sample):
  • United States Air Force
  • Naval Postgraduate School
     Our UAVs are designed to allow for flexible, low cost customization to suit any application requirements. Our UAVs are built using all Rotomotion components, so all aspects of the UAV can be customized, including the airframe, flight controller, telemetry systems and more!
  Rotomotion Custom UAV Clients (partial list):
  • United States Air Force
  • Bell/Textron Helicopters
  • University of West Florida