UAV Helicopter Controllers

  UAV Helicopter Controller

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UAV Helicopter Controller
PartNo: AFCSV2.5
Price: Call 843-971-7455 for details.

Current Lead time: 3-4 Weeks


OCU software with integrated
video capabalities.

The UAV system is an integrated package designed to control and guide an R/C-class helicopter. A 1.25lb box is mounted to the helicopter and uniquely tuned for the customer's airframe. An additional 7.2V battery is required to run the guidance system. The servo driver, safety over-ride and RX are powered by a separate, but conventional, 4.8V R/C RX battery.
Groundcontrol station displays
realtime data via the moving map with
AI/controller status, and much more.

The operator is required to take-off and land the helicopter manually. Once the helicopter is taken-off and placed into a hover, a switch is flipped on the transmitter and the helicopter goes into autonomous mode. At this point, the helicopter no longer requires direct manual control. The autonomous flight control system utilizes an advanced stable-hover (Patent Pending) control system. The helicopter has many modes of operation:

  • velocity command mode (VC-Mode): the helicopter position is commanded by the transmitter using proportional velocity commands. For example, the cyclic control stick becomes the velocity control stick in velocity command mode. The stick commands the helicopter to move in the command direction at a speed proportional to the amount of stick movement on the transmitter.
  • waypoint route mode (WAY-Mode) : helicopter flies a preprogrammed series of waypoints
New modes are continually added to the software. Software maintainence subscribers will receive these updates free of charge.
Diagram of flight controller integration
The flight controller installed on a 60-sized
airframe (in the undercarriage)
The integrated flight controller encloses
the AHRS, GPS receiver, servo controller,
safety system, and optionally, an 802.11
data telemetry transceiver
The ground station software allows the user to program the waypoint mode and to see the realtime status of the UAV systems via a moving map display, and artificial horizon and other multifunction display panels (MFD) such as status, servo commands, etc.

After completing the operation, the helicopter is left in an autonomous hover. The operator then flips a switch on the transmitter and regains direct manual flight control of the helicopter.

Altitude control uses a throttle curve or a Futaba GV-1 engine governor to control the throttle and maintain a consistent main rotor head speed.

All software is upgradable as features and performance are added to the system. For further details please - call 843-971-7455.

Item Unit Condition Spec.
# of waypoints default RAM size 255
Waypoint parameters altitude, lat, long, hold time, piroetting, heading change
Waypoint transition parameters velocity, heading follow point, specific heading
Waypoint accuracy (m diam.) light winds, good GPS reception 3 (standard)
< 2 (with DGPS option)
< 1 (with L1/L2 WAAS option)
Altitude hold accuracy (m) light winds, good GPS reception w/ WAAS +/- 1.5m
Hover hold accuracy (m diam.) light winds, good GPS reception w/ WAAS <2
Flight modes manual, manual on specific control, waypoint, velocity cmd, position cmd
Flight duration (hours) 8 W nominal
Other constraints apply
Airframe Dependent
Top speed (kph) light winds, good GPS reception w/ WAAS 40
Safety pilot controller Futaba PCM
Swashplate types 3-servo mechanical
3-servo CCPM (120)
4-servo CCPM (90)
others on request
Ground station computer (option) Pentium 1 Ghz +, laptop recommended
Windows 2000/XP
Low-range telemetry system (option) (meters) 400m. 800m with manually pointed ground ant.
May require additional operator to man ant. during certain routes.

Ordering Information

Installation and training are by appointment. A deposit is required to secure your equipment purchase order and your tuning and reservation appointment. Please call 843-971-7455 or email for more information. Financing is available for qualified applicants.

For installation orders (customer supplies their airframe), the helicopter must be well balanced and tuned and have a mount suitable for our system. If further mechanical tuning or mount fabrication is required, you will be notified for pre-approval.