Rotomotion SR20 System Package

      Rotomotion is now offering a turn-key system utilizing the SR20 UAV system. This system is well suited to first-responders, security and the military. This system contains everything that is required to operate the SR20 UAV with high availability. The system includes:

  • Two SR20 UAV Systems, high endurance version
  • Two complete ground control stations (GCS) using rugged laptops and joysticks
  • Spare parts kit
  • Tool kit
  • Rugged shipping cases (Storm Case and ECS Composites Loadmaster)
The SR20 UAV high endurance version is configured to fly at least 25min in hover. Also, it includes a Sony Day camera on a pan and tilt platform with motion control. The video is sent to the ground over digital, encrypted telemetry and displayed in our integrated GCS. The GCS records the video in digital MPEG format on the GCS computer for after-flight review. The pan and tilt joystick controls are automatically desensitized and adjusted based on the current zoom level. An optional thermal camera is available.

The complete system is protected during shipping by foam filled rugged shipping cases. Once on-site, the system can be deployed out of the shipping cases and in the air in less than 15 minutes.

The system can be operated by two operators on one UAV - one operator maneuvering the aircraft and the second operator controlling the camera. Or, two operators can fly two UAV's simultaneously.

Images of the system:

The system is competitively priced and includes training and support (including on-call operational support). Please call us for more information.